Escape From CCU

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Do these updates seem redundant, with a "wait and see" sort of theme? That is where we are
again tonight, although, I do have some changes to report. This morning, when the physician
team rounded, they reported that her heart pressure numbers were holding well on the primacor
drip. Consequently, they were planning to pull the Swan-Ganz catheter, and move her back to
the TSU (Transplant Step-Down Unit ). When they asked if there were any more questions, I
got a little bold and asked if there was any way she could see Finn, as she had not seen him
since before the cath on Monday. I also reminded them that tomorrow is her 25th birthday.
Our new good friend, Cindy "Goat" promptly went out to the waiting room and carried Finn back
to the CCU and placed him in his mommy's arms. (Staff didn't have the nerve to object to
what Cindy did, as they may have if one of us tried to break those visitation rules!!!) I don't
know who's face lit up more, Finn's or Bethany's! All the nurses had tears on their eyes
watching that incredible maternal-child bond reconnecting. I have never seen Finn grin so
big..and he is quite free with the grins. This one was sheer bliss. His whole little body relaxed.
That angelic smile and total relaxation was mirrored in the face and body language of his
mommy. Ahhhhhh. About 30 minutes later, they pulled that cath and transferred her room

Bethany is thrilled to be back in a regular room, with bathroom and shower privileges.
She showered and washed her hair this evening- a great morale booster, for sure.
One thing I forgot to include in my note yesterday was a little word about control. Anyone who
has spent much time in the hospital knows one of the down sides is loss of control of your daily
activities. Bethany was doing some nutritional research via the internet on various restaurants.
She had been craving a Subway sandwich. Zac went to the desk to ask the nurse if Bethany
could have a Subway, and, as luck would have it...or rather Providence, the dietitian was at the
desk and came in to help them with menu selection. Zac borrowed Cheryl's car, and he drove to
Subway, with me riding shotgun (I knew where the Subway was) He was able to do a NORMAL
thing. Go buy his wife a sandwich!!! I think it did him a world of good to be able to do
something for her, instead of watching hospital staff do everything for her, and it did Bethany
good to see that she can still do something normal, like grab a Subway sandwich:-)

Bill had to go back to Michigan today. His visit was such a blessing. He was such a wonderful
support for all of us. His positive attitude, love for all of us and deep and abiding faith gave us
an increased sense of hope and peace. He spent some special time with Zac and Bethany, both
discussing practical issues, and ministering to their spiritual needs. Thank God for those
precious moments.

Kylee and Zac went out shopping for some birthday surprises for Bethany. You will have to wait
until tomorrow to hear about all of you might spill the beans, LOL. I hope we can
make her 25th birthday as special as possible, under the circumstances.
Kylee experienced on of Finn's major dirty diapers last night. I slept through it...Kylee dreamed
about diapers all night. Guess it's my turn tonight. Kylee just finished giving the little guy his
bedtime bottle, and is trying to convince him that the bedtime bottle should be followed by a
sleeping baby. Finn, on the other hand, thinks if he closes his eyes, he just might miss
something, so he fights sleep like a warrior! Wonder who will win out?

I wish I could share more concrete plans, but again, I can only repeat what the physicians say.
Let's see how she does in the next 24 hours....
Your continued prayers mean so much to us. Tomorrow, you can send a little Happy Birthday
thought her way, also.

God Bless!