Pancreatitis? I Mean Seriously!?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Well, surprise surprise - I am still writing from a hospital bed. On
Monday afternoon while eating my lunch, I was struck with an
excruciating pain in my stomach and back. After after about two
minutes, I could not take it any longer and called DeAnne in my room.
She was very worried, so blood work was drawn immediately. The pain
subsided after about ten minutes, but returned for another ten minutes.
After that it never returned. A couple of hours later, the doctors came in
with the results of the lab work, and they showed acute pancreatitis. I
was sent down for an abdominal ultrasound which showed nothing
unusual, thank God. However, I could not eat or drink for twenty-four
hours, and I was placed back on an saline IV and all IV meds and
steroids. As of right now, I haven't had any other attacks. They had told
me to expect it to get worse before it got better, so I am very excited to
say that I think they may have been a little off!

I had an echocardiogram yesterday afternoon even after they decided
to move the biopsy to today. I made sure that I nice and ummm...medi
cated. :) Boy, I am glad I did because the tech who did it is usually a
"pokey." When she was finished, she asked if it was better this time. I
told her, "Oh, yes." (I was in and out of consciousness throughout the
procedure.) At 1:00 p.m., I am going for my fourth biopsy. For which, I
will be in the same state of mind. :P Hehe. So, I wanted to make sure I
got all of writing done before then.

My nights are MUCH better since they took me off of all of the sleeping
pills and just put me on Rozerem, Dilaudid, and Adavan. The past three
nights have been great; I wake up here and there, but I am able to go
right back to sleep.

Finn is doing great. We have been snuggling and watching Baby
Einstein every afternoon. He loves it, so it really doesn't help if he
needs a nap because he doesn't was to miss anything. We have
watched about five different ones, and Baby MacDonald is his favorite.
If I really want to chill him out and make him happy, I go to YouTube
and play the Lisa Loeb video for "Jenny Jenkins." Oh my! He giggles and
tries to reach for the screen. I suppose it is his love for balloons. If you
have little ones, check it out. It was actually one of Greatful Dead's
children's songs that they recorded; Zac discovered it while he was
looking for children's songs to learn on the guitar. Lisa Loeb covers it. If
you didn't see our Halloween greeting card, there is a link to it under
my previous entry.

Ashleigh is back today. She is one of the kindest, most attentive, caring,
patient, calming, nurturing people I have ever met: an amazing nurse.
She really takes care of me and seems genuinely concerned about my
comfort. I have had her probably about half of the time that I have been
post-op, and once or twice as the charge nurse before that. (She is in
my birthday pics with the docs.) I will post again when we receive the
biopsy results and/or receive apartment news.