A Real Thanks-giving

Friday, November 27, 2009

Yesterday went great; what a wonderful Thanksgiving! It was a busy day. Beginning with all the
Roan cousins, we had a delicious meal (that I was actually allowed to eat) then made our way to
the Gipson side, where we feasted again. I think I freaked the little kids out coming in with a
mask on. Now I can begin preparing for Christmas: so much to do - Christmas cards, pick up my
decorations from my mom's, get an artificial tree, etc. The fresh Christmas tree is part of my
"fresh flowers" restriction. On the plus side, on don’t have to water it, light it, sweep up needles,
and drag it out the house when its time is done. It’s always so sad to me to see my tree brown
and used up lying in the back yard.

I was very happy with yesterday's article. However, I was a little disappointed that the people I
gave credit to for all their help and support were not mentioned, in particular the THS faculty
and staff. Other than that, I thought the writer did a great job portraying our story and the
layout was great. The al.com version is a little different if you read it online.

Sunday we will go back to New Orleans to finish getting everything out of the apartment, and
Monday I will have my labs drawn at Spring Hill. Hopefully, they will let me register and begin
cardiac rehab, as well. I am so ready. I climbed stairs last night for the first time in three
months, and it was very interesting, even more so coming back down them. We stayed at Kim &
Beth’s last night; it was so wonderful not to have to make that drive back, to have an overnight
babysitter, and to wake up to a yummy breakfast and fresh coffee.

Now it’s time to cheer on my boys! ROOOOOOOOLL TIDE!

P.S. If you are were like me and Zac, the Mobile Press section of yesterday’s paper that
contained my article was missing. Here is the link to a copy of it: http://blog.al.com/live/2009/