How to Lose 12 lbs. Without Moving Two Feet

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sorry, I didn't send an update yesterday...just really didn't have an update to give. Dr. Fisher
came by in the morning, and had nothing new to say. Other than that, we just are sitting and
waiting, and waiting, and WAITING, and praying for patience. 

Bethany's aunt, Yolanda, and
cousin, Atchison came to New Orleans for visit yesterday, which helped brighten her spirits. She
had kind of a rough morning yesterday. I think the process of pulling off over 12 pounds of fluid
Friday and Saturday morning really gave her entire body a jolt! She was plagued with nausea
and a low grade fever, and just felt felt tired and crummy. I believe she has adjusted to the
correct fluid balance now, and is feeling much better. 

She was actually hungry this afternoon,
so Zac & I went out to the store to get the fixings for some low sodium lettuce wraps. She said
they were GREAT! It was good for Zac to be able to do something positive for her.

This, being the weekend, has proven to be very low key, as far as physician visits and
information. We have only seen Dr. Fisher once a day, and none of the rest of team has been in
to see her. Even Cindy Cassidy has not been here over the weekend! And, as we continue to
learn, just because one of the team members tells us something, that information and the
interpretation of that information is subject to change! So, we continue to WAIT!

Kim went back to Mobile today. Zac's brother, Russ, is on his way here. Russ is a new dad
himself, as baby Trent was born in May, so he will be able to help with Finn---I'm thinking the
middle of the night bottles???? Some nights, Finn forgets to wake up for that night time bottle,
but other nights he wants that bottle NOW!! Gotta love a baby who knows what he wants, and
when he wants it. As long as we make sure he doesn't have wait too long for a bottle, he is a
very happy fellow:-) He continues to light up Bethany and Zac's faces with love, when they can
spend time with him. That is so very important, and it is why I am here with them, to help
make that happen.

As time goes on, if any of you receiving these updates would like to stop, please let me
know! It seems that this period of waiting will have updates that are going sound almost the
same every day. We continue to pray for healing, be it divine intervention, and a turn around of
her condition, or a new heart. God knows Bethany is a very special young woman, with many,
MANY people who love her and are praying for her. Our family is grateful beyond words for all
the love, support and prayers!
God Bless!