Reservation For One New Heart Please

Monday, September 21, 2009

By now, I know you have been told that Bethany is going need a heart transplant. I have been
feeling this was coming more and more strongly over the weekend, not only due to by
Bethany's heart not responding to medication, but also, her increased fatigue, and most
importantly, by the look in the eyes of Dr. Mandras. Zac felt the same thing. We even talked
about it this morning, when he came to shower. The heart cath started around 3:30. About
4:30, the physician group asked us to come listen to what they had to tell Bethany. Again,
based on the faces and the body language, we knew the news was not what we had hoped to
hear. Her heart to too damaged to heal. Not what any of us had ever wanted to hear, but that
is what the tests show, and are still showing. They left a catheter in her heart, with the tip
resting in the pulmonary vein. This monitors the pressure in various areas of the heart, filling
pressures and pumping pressures, providing important data to manage her medications and fluid
volumes. Bethany was dehydrated, which accounted for part of her Blood Pressure readings
being so low. 

A new medicated drip was begun, called primacor. Her pressures are much
better, and she feels stronger. The drip will continue over the next 24 hours to several days.
We know Bethany needs a new heart. We don't know how urgently. Depending on her response
to treatment, she can be placed on the transplant list immediately, and fall into the group with
the most critical need, or the group that is a step down form being the most critical, OR the 3rd
level, which means she needs a heart, but can do OK at home on oral medication for a year or
two, until a heart becomes available. That will be discussed among the physician team, meaning
we might know more tomorrow. So, we are still playing the waiting game.

Bethany and Zac were stunned, but they were so strong. They took the news with such strength,
I was humbled. Yes, they are afraid, and disappointed. But, they are remarkably strong,
courageous and relying on their faith to deal with the situation. Bill is flying down from Michigan
tomorrow, to provide emotional and spiritual support. Kylee is also coming tomorrow. In
addition to Cheryl and myself, Cheryl's mother and sister Linda are here. We are doing OK.
Leaning on each other, and looking to the future. This is the year 2009. Technology and
skilled surgeons are at our fingertips. We remain in God's hands. He is a loving God and with
him all things are possible. I know this, and those who know me well will know this too,
OTHERS, instead of sobbing so hard I couldn't speak. That was God, giving the strength I

Please continue to pray for all of us to stay strong!

God Bless,