No Change

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Today has been a hard day. Not really much has changed with Bethany's condition, except that
she was taken off 2 of the heart medications, because her blood pressure dropped too low.
They are going to hold the meds today, then start back with the coreg tomorrow, at a lower
dose to see if she can tolerate that. She remains on heparin, lasix, potassium, nexium and
digoxin. Bethany was able to get up and shower, but that REALLY fatigued her. They want her
to get up and try to walk down the hall, but she is resting up from her shower.
Dr Patel came in and told them they will probably be here another week or more. He also told
them he thought she has a 1 in 3 chance of recovering with Plan A. That was disheartening,
even though they have been saying that from the beginning....I was hoping that her odds were
improving, as she hasn't gotten any worse, and her over all health, outside of the heart is

Her aunt and cousin went back to Mobile today. Kim rode with them, and is bringing another
car back, "just in case", since our car is the only one we have here in New Orleans now. Aunt
Yolanda and Atchison have been wonderful, and we will miss them!
Both she and Zac have been trying to stay positive, but they are both so scared. Bethany asked
Zac last night if he KNEW he would go to heaven....The transplant co-ordinator came in to talk
with them today, and even though this is just getting her work up done, so they know whether
or not she would be a candidate should it become apparent that she will not get well any other
way, it was a very scary thing. It hurts to see him suffer so, and try to be so strong for

I was interrupted before I sent this email, so now, I can end on a good note. Bethany took a
walk down the hall, and did GREAT! She sat up in a chair for a while afterwards. I just got back
from taking Zac take out dinner, so they could eat together. He wanted to act a little more
normal, instead of going out of the room to gobble down a sandwich. I had strict orders to bring
him heart healthy food:-) I am in Bethany's mom's room, and we have Finn with us. He spent
most of the afternoon with his mommy and daddy. Just waiting for Kim to get back from

Again, thanks so much for all the prayers. Your love and support are helping us all cope, and I
thank God for you!