The Only Night He Left 9/27

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tonight, Zac, Kim, Finn and I are back in Mobile area. Leaving Bethany and Cheryl in New
Orleans was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Watching Bethany say goodbye to Zac
and Finn was almost too much to take. It is the first time I have seen her cry...through all this.
What an amazing young woman. Zac had planned to go back to work this week, but I think he
will do a few things things he must attend to tomorrow...disability paper work, talk with the
principal, etc. then head back to N.O. His wife needs him. The next week will involve a lot big
decisions. Zac needs to be with Bethany for support. Finn came home with us. He did NOT
enjoy sitting in the car seat for the ride to Zac and Bethany's house in Irvington, then to our
house in Wilmer. The boy does no how throw a fit, in case you were wondering. He is now
peacefully asleep in his Pack N Play.

Zac & Bethany's house was all clean--thanks to Tara, Candice, Linda and Scarlett. All the
critters were happy and healthy, thanks to Rhodie and Ford. Our house was clean and
freshened up, thanks to Carol, and our critters were happy and healthy, thanks to Sheila.
Will let you know tomorrow about the results of echocardiogram. My prayer tonight is for some
signs of improvement. Baby steps!!!

I cannot begin to express how much all the words of encouragement, prayers, etc mean to all of
us. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful families and friends.

God Bless!