See Finn Play & Apartment Therapy

Monday, October 5, 2009

Another day at Ochsner, without much different to report. Dr. Fisher rounded this morning, and
was pleased with Bethany's "numbers" from the Swan-Ganz. Just like Saturday and
Sunday, that is all we heard from the powers that be today. He seemed confident that the right
heart will be available for her. We just don't know when. It's hard to sit and wait, but what else
can we do?

Yesterday evening, Bethany was feeling better than she had been feeling! She had a great
evening playing with Finn. He was so happy to have his Mommy holding him, loving on him and
playing with him. He slept like a log last night..not a baby, because babies get up and cry. He
SLEPT! She wasn't feeling great during the day today, but, again, this evening, she rallied, and
enjoyed playing with Finn again.

Medically speaking, not much has changed. Her blood pressure was a little lower than they want
it today, and she had a couple runs of SVT, but that seems to have stabilized late this

While Russ is here, we are trying to find a furnished apartment, or something to rent for the
next few months. Once she has the transplant, we figure family can rotate in and out, as
needed, more reasonably than we can maintain 2 or more hotel rooms. We'll see what we can
find. It is very convenient to have rooms right here, in the same building with hospital,
but...since we have no clue what kind of time frame we are looking at, good sense must play a
part in what we do. Russ is contacting the local pastors from Lutheran churches in the area, in
hopes there may be some sort of help from them, with contacts, etc.

I keep trying to think of original ways to thank everyone for the the thoughts, emails, posts,
and most importantly, PRAYERS, but words escape me. Please know that you have our heartfelt

God Bless!