Parade of Friends & Family

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tonight is the 8th night spent at Ochsner. In a way, it has flown by, in another way, it seems
we have been here forever. The roller coaster continues, which is very wearing on all of us.
Last night and this morning, there was a mix up on the medications, due to miscommunication.
Dr. Mandras had not intended to continue the Coreg, however, there was a standing order on
the chart to give the Coreg, if the BP was in an acceptable range. So, she was given 2 doses of
Coreg, and, once again, the BP is down too low. Now that all that is straightened out, maybe
the low BP will even even out. The heart cath is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. The
dobutamine drip will be stopped at 8 AM. Dr. Mandras has given orders that Bethany not be
disturbed tonight, after the 9 PM medications, until it is time for the drip to be stopped at 8.
Hopefully, she (and Zac) will be able to get a good night's sleep, and she will be able to tolerate
the procedure better. She is having more trouble with fatigue and shortness of breath now. Dr.
Mandras told Zac and Bethany that, depending on what the heart cath shows, they may be
moving her into a cardiac intensive care unit, where more powerful drugs can be administered,
under very tight controls. Dr. Mandras told them that Bethany is her highest priority. She wants
her well. SO DO WE!!!!

Kim went home today. We will miss him, BIG, but, since we have no clue what is in store for
us over the next several months, he felt the need to work this week, then re-evaluate on Friday.
Thanks, Carol, for taking him some home cooked food tonight. Eases both his tummy, and my
mind. Another thanks goes out to Jeri, who drove to N.O. to spend the afternoon with me,
offering her services as a great sounding board, and motivator, then drove back to Mobile for
work tomorrow. When she called today to tell me she was on her way, I discouraged her from
making the trip...but am thankful she came to lift my spirits.

We're looking forward to Bethany's Aunt Linda and grandmorther to come spend the day
tomorrow. Cheryl has been so strong; I am so glad that Linda and and her mother are coming
to offer moral support for her, especially as we wait for the heart cath procedure to be finished.
I am humbled by her strength in this unimaginable nightmare. We have only loved Bethany for
a couple years; how much more painful this must be for Cheryl!!
Please continue to pray for Bethany's heart, strength for the rest of us. Zac seems to have had
an especially hard time today. My prayer for him tonight is for restful, undisturbed sleep,
continued courage, and hope!

Finn is still the doing well...congestion virtually gone. He slept a lot today, and I was afraid we
would be singing silly songs at 2 AM, (those of you who have spent much time around know I
can come up with some very unique little songs, upon occasion). Fortunately for Finn, and the
folks in the room next to us, he took a bottle at 11:30 and is sleeping soundly:-) Guess I
had better get myself to sleep as well.

I know I keep saying this over and over, but it is very heartfelt---many, MANY thanks for
the notes, encouragement, thoughts, and most importantly, your continued prayers!

God Bless!