My Heart Just Skipped a Beat, Not in a Good Way

Monday, October 26, 2009

Today was a good day with a minor scare last night. At about 11:30 p.m., my nurse came in and
said my heart was skipping a few beats at a time. This has been happening at least once a day
since the IVIG treatments. They ordered an EKG, but as usual by the time they get there it is
back to normal. The nurse said it was nothing to worry about; he just wanted to be on the safe

I have also had a cough and stuffy nose with no immune system to suppress them. This
had made my sternum sore again; my shoulders and neck are very sore as well. So, I freaked
out a little after all of that, out of fear of rejection. I said a prayer for peace, and it came
straight down - just as it has every time the past six weeks. God is so good. 

Dr. Ventura says
this is all to be expected with the way my body responds to medicine. He called me a “red
smurf” yesterday, and said I looked much better today since they took down my steroids 10 mg.
At the worst, they would put in a pacemaker before I leave because of the irregularities, but
they do not want to do this because it is probably only related to the IVIG. Apparently, it can
stay in your system for up to 28 days! Plus, they do not want me in a hospital long enough to
catch a worse infection. 

Zac, Finn, and I took a walk down to the atrium, gift shop, and coffee
shop today in the hotel. We tried his Halloween costume on him, and after about a minute he
burst into tears. :( I suppose he got hot. We will try it again tomorrow; it fits so perfect!

I have my 3rd biopsy tomorrow. They are trying a new method that Dr. Mandras has brought
with her where it will be echo-guided. This way it is quicker to see exactly where they are going,
rather than fishing around using the pressure readings. If everything looks good hopefully I will
get to go to the apartment on Thursday or Friday. 

By the way, do not send any packages to the
apartment. Our new doormat was gone in a day and a half! Send anything of value to my mom’s
home address in Mobile. Once I have moved in there, it will be ok
because I will be there all day everyday. Until then, I am paranoid. I have received some nice
stuff, and I would hate to know someone had sent something I never knew about!

Finn is all smiles, all the time. All you have to do is look at him. His daddy is going to give him
a bath tonight. They are enjoying their little bachelor pad over there. Hopefully, he’ll be up for
Halloween pictures tomorrow. I have to go now. 

My days are much better when I actually get
some sleep in before they start taking vitals at 4:30 a.m. They have finally found something that
actually puts me to sleep: a combination of Benadryl at bedtime and Dilaudid; and here it